Main Points about Making Deep Grammar Check

Main Points about Making Deep Grammar Check

deep grammar checkWhen writing, you will have to follow correct grammar in your sentences and paragraphs for them to make sense and sound correctly when read. Check out the main points mentioned here for the best way to structuring your points in English.

Making Deep Grammar Check

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1. General explaining

– In order to
– In other words
– To put it in another way
– That is to say
– To that end

2. Adding more information when supporting a point

– Moreover
– Similarly
– Likewise
– As well as
– Not only… but also
– Coupled with
– Firstly, secondly, thirdly
– Not to mention/ to say nothing of
– Another key thing to remember
– Furthermore

3. Words and phrases to demonstrate a contrast

– However
– On the other hand
– Having said that
– By contrast/in comparison
– Then again
– That said
– Yet

4. Adding a proviso or acknowledging reservations

– Despite this
– With this in mind
– In view of/ in light of
– Nonetheless
– Nevertheless
– Notwithstanding

5. Giving examples

– For instance
– To give an illustration

6. Signifying importance

– Significantly
– Notably
– Importantly

7. Summarizing

– In conclusion
– Above all
– Persuasive
– Compelling
– All things considered

5 Most Common Grammatical Errors

1. Fixing a comma splice or a run-on sentence
– Separate the clauses or divide them into two sentences.
– Replace the comma used with ‘ and, but, for, so, nor, yet.’
– Replace the comma using a semi-colon.
2. Pronoun mistakes
Wrong: Everybody must bring their own dinner.
Correct: Everybody must bring his or her own dinner.
3. Apostrophe usage mistake
Wrong: My father’s cabin is next to her cabin.
Correct: My father’s cabin is next to her cabin.
4. Lack of subject and verb agreement
Wrong: The recipes are good for chefs.
Right: The recipes are good for chefs.
5. Misplaced modifiers
Wrong: At nine years old, my father gave me a pair of shoes for Christmas.
Right: When I was eight years old, my father gave me a pair of shoes for Christmas.

10 Main Rules in Grammar

1. Write with the active voice.
2. Link ideas using conjunctions
3. To connect two ideas as one, use a comma.
4. To join two ideas, use a semicolon.
5. In a list, use a serial comma.
6. For habitual actions, use the present tense.
7. For current action, use the present progressive verb tense.
8. To the unfinished past, use the present perfect tense.
9. To the unfinished past and action, write with the present progressive tense.
10. For the first of two past actions, use the past perfect tense.

Here you have the top things about grammar check to know about for betting writing. Apply them for a polished paper today!