Who Will Check for Grammar Mistakes for You

When it comes to writing the best application document whether its an allergy and immunology fellowship personal statement or law school LoR, then most people don’t pay enough attention to the grammar errors. The minor grammatical mistakes can change the whole impression of your writing style in front of the readers. Therefore, it is important to avoid or rectify all kinds of mistakes from your content straight after creating it. Many online tools claim to provide the best check for grammar mistakes. However, it is fully upon you to select the most workable tool by searching it thoroughly.

Have a look at few important facts about grammatical errors you’ve never heard of for sure:

  • When you are referring to the subject or object of the sentence, the use of both who and who is allowed.
  • Many of the people don’t know about the difference of ‘Affect’ and ‘Effect’. They choose the wrong word in sentences most of the time.
  • The English learners are still unfamiliar with the use of word ‘Impact’ as a noun.
  • Many writers still don’t know with the proper use of ‘take’ and ‘bring’. ‘Take’ is preferred to be used if it is away and ‘Bring’ if it is toward.
  • The use of word ‘Than’ doesn’t suit with ‘Different’ indeed. You’d find it appropriate in rare cases. The experts suggest using ‘Different From’ instead when in doubt.
  • People who share their feelings by using the word ‘Anxious’ after seeing anyone must stop writing it more. This feeling is equal to anxiety, dread or looming fear which isn’t suitable for sure.
  • There are likely chances of using ‘uninterested’ or ‘disinterested’ in the wrong ways. Someone who could less or no care is actually called uninterested. On the other hand, the person who has a bit concern with any matter is said to be as disinterested.
  • Considering ‘since’ and ‘because’ synonyms is the biggest mistake ever. The word ‘because’ refers to causation while ‘since’ refers to time.

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check for grammar mistakes tool

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