Best Sentence Checker Online

You can improve the quality of writing by using the best sentence checker online. According to reviews, the best sentence checkers online are:


Grammarly.com is a thorough and accurate spell checker that identifies more than 250 types of grammatical errors. You can use it to check sentences for varied writing like academic papers, creative writing, reviews, reports, presentations and even blogs for errors. Grammarly.com provides useful feedback through colorful breakdown of errors that you can save and print in PDF format. You can denote an error by highlighting a word. Grammarly.com will then display reasons for errors and possible corrections.

You also access a handbook listing most relevant grammar rules that are based on Grammarly.com usage. The rules include compound sentences without commas, run-on sentences and other likely mistakes. Grammarly.com role is not limited to check sentences online for errors. It also offers synonyms to help in vocabulary enhancement and checks text for plagiarism.


After installing GingerSoftware.com on a computer, you can easily correct entire sentences with just a single click. You can use it with any Internet browser together with presentations, email or writing programs. It identifies and corrects all errors in a sentence at once instead of correcting one after another then offering suggestions for an alternative sentence structure.

GingerSoftware.com sentence rephrase option spices up text with new variations for sentences, adds phrases, idioms and synonyms. It also helps in completing sentence phrases and proper use of idioms.


GrammarBase.com is a free and precise sentence checker. It is a reliable sentence checker online service because it performs grammar checks on sentences within seconds. Since it is an online checker, you can use GrammarBase.com from anywhere provided that your computer has Internet connection. It is consistent in finding all errors in sentences without missing.


GrammarCheck.net is a free and secure sentence checker online that proofreads all English text. It conforms to the basic idea of the creators to make it free and simple to use because you just need to copy and paste text that you need to check. GrammarCheck.net quickly moves over text and gives users the correct spelling for doubtful words after they click just a few buttons. Users can opt for free or deep search for more comprehensive check.


PaperRater.com is a free web based sentence checker for analyzing text and providing feedback on spelling and grammar. When you use it to check sentences online, it will also give you feedback on word choice and writing style. It gives suggestions on word or phrase replacement when a user clicks on highlighted words. PaperRater.com compares submitted text to online published content to identify if there is plagiarism.