Best Plagerism Check Software

best plagerism check softwarePlagiarism can cause serious concern about credibility of written work and compromise on academic grades. The following are the best plagerism check software to check if there is plagiarized text in their written work:


Grammarly.com allows you to check plagerism issues and automatically suggests solutions to sort the problem if its system detects plagiarized words. It is widely used because it is also an effective grammar checker and performs up to the expectations of the user. Since Grammarly.com helps users to fix plagiarism problems, it saves their papers from getting flagged for improper citation.


PlagTracker.com thoroughly checks any written context using online plagiarism software to determine if it is unique. The process of checking work using this plagerism checker is in these simple steps:

  • Upload the paper or enter content into text box.
  • Plagtracker.com scans it for plagiarism. It checks all internet pages and its databases that houses over 20 million academic works.
  • You will get a plagiarism report.

This will contain information about sections of a scan that requires citing and list of the sources.


Turnitin.com is widely used by professors and students to check for plagerism in academic papers. Turnitin compares text to a vast database that has over 45 billion pages of digital content. It includes archived Internet content, more than 337 million submissions in student archive and 130,000 academic journals and publications. Turnitin.com can be used to test papers of all disciplines. It can also be used by an instructor in any discipline to check originality.


Plagiarism-Detector.com is reliable plagerism check software to check whether written text is authentic. Plagiarism-Detector.com however operates differently from other plagiarism checking software as it does not do its checking online. You must download it to your computer. It allows users to download a free demo so as to gauge how it functions before they download the paid version.


CheckForPlagiarism.net is a plagiarism checker that has been in existence since 2004. It was formed by teacher and students who were determined to have authentic work. It has remained effective over the years because it keeps the system equipped with modern progressive technologies. CheckForPlagiarism.net has features to perform these functions:

  • Manual and automated in depth plagiarism check
  • Internet checking
  • Sentence structure and synonym checking
  • Database check
  • Publication checking.

CheckForPlagiarism.net uses patented plagiarism detection for both basic and adavanced checking. It also offers paper correction service.

Check for plagerism now to be sure that your text is perfect!