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english grammar check freeThe British English grammar checker is one of those that people who want to learn and check their writing for flaws or errors. What is British English, anyway? It is the language used, written and spoken by the people in the British Isles. By now, however, you probably know that there are differences between it and American English. Many words are different from one another.

Examples of British English Words vs. American Words

  • Lift is an elevator.

  • A chemist is a person that works in a drugstore.

  • Lorry is a slimmer truck.

  • Fortnight means two weeks.

  • Dual carriageway means freeway in the US.

Examples of British Spelling vs. US Spelling

  • Aerial radio or TV: Antenna

  • Autumn: fall

  • Bap: hamburger bun

  • Aubergine: eggplant

  • Bank holiday: legal holiday

  • Bat: paddle

  • Bath: Bathtub

  • Bill: check (*restaurant)

  • Bank note: bill

  • Biscuit: cookie

  • Caravan: trailer

  • Bonnet: (car) hood

  • Articulated lorry: semitrailer/ trailer truck

  • Caretaker: janitor

  • Car park: parking lot

  • Blue jeans: jeans/dungarees

  • Chemist: druggist

  • Centre: downtown

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If you want to do well in your presentations, articles, reports and research paper, ensure any of them has proper grammar, aside from a stellar content. Today, you can make use of english grammar check free tools in order to spot the mistakes you have committed in your written work. Even authors and professionals use the checker in order to polish their books and papers from errors that they might not be able to spot themselves. They are also making use of such to get the benefits or features, like the following.

british english grammar checker

Free English Grammer Checker Features:

Convenience: By using the free english grammer checker, people can spot for mistakes without them having to correct their papers manually. If for instance, you have many essays to check, you may have to take so much time in checking your work; therefore, you might find it hard to beat your deadline, which isn’t in any way good. To avoid the problem, it would help to make use of the sentence checker that can spot mistakes automatically. In this case, they can save so much time. Speaking of convenience, it can spot errors and suggest corrections, no matter where you are because it is available online.

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Accuracy: The tool also works accurately because it is designed to adhere or comply with the standards of the English language.

There you have what to know about British English and its differences with the American spelling and words. To ensure you are doing well on writing a literature review, do not forget to use the checker.

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