4 Things You Didn’t Know about English Grammar Checker

English Grammar – Compelling Facts Everyone Should Know

The easier medium of communication in all over the world is English without any doubt. It is the way that interlinks culture and worldwide commerce as well. Therefore, we can realize that there would be many interesting facts about this international language. You’d find such realities of English more desirable to master it with the increase in the allure of this communication medium.

Take a look at few must-known realities you never heard about English grammar:

  • A thing that precedes the proposition is called nun. You’d be fully aware of this reality with the strong foundation in grammar.
  • There are seven new words without rearranging letters for decimating the word ‘Therein’. These words are rein, in, he, there, the, herein, therein, here and here.
  • It highly depends upon phonetics of noun to use ‘a’ and ‘an’ in the article. For instance, you are probably not aware of using ‘an’ with ‘honor’ and ‘a’ with ‘user’.
  • The use of first capital letter for writing a relationship before any name is common. For example, “She is Aunt Marline”.
  • For emphasizing any action, you need to use the word ‘do’ for it. For example, “We do visit that place”. The sentence would be considered as wrong if you use the sentence “We visit that place” instead.
  • In English grammar, all the words that contain no vowels would have ‘y’ alphabet. There are many words that like fry, my, cry etc.
  • Many of us unknowingly use dot (.) after abbreviations. For example, we usually write Prof. to the Professor which should be written like ‘Prof’ without no addition of a dot.
  • Use of ‘The’ before writing any country’s name is a wrong thing that we mostly do. Any sentence with this mistake is considered as wrong only because of using this word with many exceptions.

These facts of English grammar are very helpful for making more improvements in your language. Other than manual checking, many people also rely on English grammar checker software. Such kinds of software may improve or destroy your content as well. Therefore, you must focus on such facts for making your content pleasurable to read.

Four Unheard Facts Related to English Grammer Checker

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The English grammer checker programs are being highly used by the students, businesspersons and in many other organizations. There are some interesting facts that you should’ve known before about English grammer checker.

  • The first and most advantageous thing is to check the unlimited amount of content for finding grammatical errors. You have full freedom to rectify as many sentences as you want. However, few grammar checkers don’t offer this benefit.
  • Most of the English grammer checker online tools also offer proofreading options along with grammar checking. It becomes more beneficial for the users to get double benefits from a single source. In this way, you can edit any kind of content perfectly.
  • Many trusted and helpful internet grammar checkers are available free of cost. You don’t need to spend a cent for availing superb editing services by few online sources.
  • Some mistake free grammar online tools use the content shared by users for rectifying errors. Therefore, it is necessary to beware of such fake web pages.

Use Free English Grammer Checker

There are plenty of trusted sources where you can check the content with 100% correction of grammatical errors. It is suggested to use free English grammer checker by putting some effort in searching a reliable option. Once you find a best online tool, you would be able to save your money. The online reviews can be helpful for you to know about the trusted grammar checking program for free. It is better to do some effort for saving extra bucks for your other expenses by making wise decisions and use our free grammar and spelling check.

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